Mr. Deer’s Troubles: A Whimsical Forest Adventure

Mr. Deer has been particularly troubled lately.

Three months ago, Mr. Deer’s antlers broke off in an accident. After many careful examinations, Owl Doctor regretfully informed him that the broken antlers could not be reattached. Seeing Mr. Deer’s thunderstruck expression, Owl Doctor suggested, “Why not pick a nice-looking branch and attach it to your head as a substitute for your antlers?” Proud of his majestic antlers, Mr. Deer couldn’t think of a better solution and reluctantly agreed.

After several selections, Mr. Deer finally chose a branch as beautiful as his previous antlers. He carefully brought the branch to Owl Doctor, and after a day and night of “antler attachment” work, Mr. Deer could once again proudly wander in the forest with his beautiful new antlers.

Just when Mr. Deer thought his life was getting back on track, something terrible happened.

“Ah! My goodness!” Mr. Deer screamed in astonishment while admiring himself in the mirror one morning. A small leaf had grown on Mr. Deer’s new antlers.

“Bang bang bang!” Mr. Deer frantically knocked on Owl Doctor’s door.

Startled, Owl Doctor fell out of bed. Rubbing his eyes and opening the door groggily, he was very impatient: “Who is it? Don’t you know I only work night shifts? Why disturb my sleep during the day!”

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“Doctor! Doctor! Doctor!” Mr. Deer kept screaming, “Look! Look!” pointing at his antlers.

Owl Doctor, half-asleep, was puzzled.

“My goodness! My antlers have grown a leaf!” Mr. Deer said in panic.

“Hmm?” Owl Doctor suddenly became interested, his round eyes wide open.

He carefully examined Mr. Deer’s antlers, noticing a small, tender, and cute green leaf. He touched the leaf, and it seemed to shyly dodge away.

“Hmm, it’s quite cute,” Owl Doctor said seriously.

“My goodness! My goodness!” Mr. Deer paced back and forth at Owl Doctor’s doorstep, helpless.

“How can you say it’s cute! But a leaf has grown! On my antlers! On my antlers!” Mr. Deer was somewhat frantic.

“But, other than growing a small leaf, are there any other abnormalities with your antlers? Do they hurt anywhere?” Owl Doctor calmly asked.

“Eh?” Mr. Deer suddenly stopped, furrowed his brow, and thought carefully.

“Come to think of it, there’s nothing abnormal. And they’re much lighter than my previous antlers,” he said, shaking his head and looking up, not noticing anything unusual.

“Then what are you worried about?” Owl Doctor asked, puzzled. Mr. Deer was momentarily stunned, standing there dumbfounded.

“Clang clang—” Owl Doctor knocked on Mr. Deer’s antlers and pulled on them hard.

“Inspection complete, no problems at all, you can go back home with peace of mind. I need to go back to sleep, you woke me up right after my night shift.” Owl Doctor turned and walked back into his house.

“Oh, right.” Stopping at the door, Owl Doctor suddenly turned back. Mr. Deer looked terrified again, but Owl Doctor couldn’t help but laugh.

“The little leaf on your antlers looks very nice!” Owl Doctor laughed heartily and went back to sleep.

Mr. Deer stood outside the door in a daze for a while, then had no choice but to go home.

The little leaf securely grew on Mr. Deer’s antlers, and every morning when he looked in the mirror, he could see it. A few days passed, and Mr. Deer went from being initially surprised to getting used to it, sometimes even playing with it, finding it quite interesting.

Everything seemed to have returned to calm until…

One morning, while looking in the mirror, Mr. Deer discovered a second small leaf had grown on his antlers.

“My goodness! My goodness! My goodness!” Mr. Deer freaked out just like the first time a leaf grew, screaming as he ran out of his house, planning to find Owl Doctor. But halfway there, he suddenly stopped. He shook his antlers and, imitating Owl Doctor, knocked on them. There were no abnormalities, so he hesitated for a moment and then turned back home.

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Later on, more and more leaves grew on Mr. Deer’s antlers, and he had gotten used to counting the leaves on his head every morning when he looked in the mirror.

As summer arrived and the forest sunlight grew more scorching, Mr. Deer, with many small leaves on his head, became a naturally shaded animal. He no longer needed to carry a sun umbrella when going out. The inconvenience of leaves growing on his antlers turned into a convenience, which Mr. Deer found very useful.

“But now I have a new worry,” Mr. Deer sighed, pointing at his lush antlers to Owl Doctor, who was visiting his home.

“What do you think I should trim my antlers into?” Mr. Deer asked Owl Doctor with a worried frown.

“Pfft—” Owl Doctor spat out the hot tea he had just sipped.

Looking at Mr. Deer’s antlers, now dense with leaves and resembling a small tent, he said, “Let me recommend an expert to you.” Putting down his teacup, “My good neighbor, Gardener Bird, can meet all your needs.”

“That’s great!” Mr. Deer happily shook his antlers, making a rustling sound.

Mr. Deer’s new worry was resolved again.

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