Dolphin household registration check

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Dolphin household registration check

Dolphins have just graduated from the Water Public Security School and were assigned to the Fish Police Station as registered residence policemen. In order to familiarize itself with the situation more quickly, it decided to immediately check its household registration.

The dolphin first arrived at Haima’s house. Oh, so the seahorse is only so small, like an earthworm. There is a parenting bag under its abdomen, and the little seahorse inside looks curiously at the guest.

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The dolphin thought to herself, “This must be the mother seahorse.”. So it came up and said, “Mama Haima, I’m a new registered residence policeman, and I want to check my household registration.”

As Haima took out her household registration book, she smiled and said, “I’m not Haima’s mother, I’m Haima’s father.” Seeing the dolphin’s surprised expression, Haima continued, “We Haima are all responsible for raising our offspring by our father. Every spawning season, Haima’s mother puts her eggs in the pouch in my abdomen for me to hatch. In about ten days, Xiaohaima will be born.”.

They will swim out of their parenting bags and hide in danger

“Oh, that’s it. Dad Haima, I’m really sorry,” the dolphin said apologetically.

After leaving the Haima family, the dolphin arrived at the Pipa Fish family again, and a chubby Pipa Fish greeted them. The dolphin said, “Are you Daddy Pipa Fish? I’m here to check my household registration.”

“No, I’m Mom Pipa Fish.” Pipa Fish blushed and handed over her household registration book.

The dolphin felt very embarrassed and felt that it was too reckless. As it flipped through its household registration book, it asked, “Where is Papa Pipa Fish?”

The mother of the pipa fish smiled and said, “It’s on me!” It pointed to a protruding lump on one side of its body and said, “We’ve been living together since we were young, intimately connected, and slowly we can’t separate.”

The dolphin opened its eyes again, and after checking its household registration book, it bid farewell to its mother, the pipa fish.

The next stop is the eel’s house. This time, the dolphin learned the lesson from the first two times and cautiously asked, “May I ask, are you the eel’s father or the eel’s mother?”

“I’ll be a mother first, and then a father,” said the eel mysteriously.

“Don’t joke…” The dolphin is really confused now.

“I’m not joking, I did become a mother first and then a father,” said the eel seriously. “We eels have been females since childhood, and when we grow up, we only lay eggs once, and then we

become males. That means we can only be mothers once, and we will always be fathers in the future.”

The eel added, “There is also a type of small grouper among fish, which makes them even more interesting. They are hermaphroditic and serve as both fathers and mothers.”

“Alas, it seems that the situation of the underwater residents is quite complicated. I need to work hard…”

The dolphin bid farewell to the eel and swam to the next family.



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