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Embark on a liquefied trip with the Micki Family as well as featuring an enchanting allurement of kids’ songs and greenhouse rhymes on The Tube Kids. Tailored for children and families, Miliki’s repertory includes a delicious mix of formal greenhouse rhymes, informatory songs, and captain compositions that entertain, educate, and embolden young listeners.

From elfish tunes that teach counting,’ colors, and shapes,’ to earnest songs about friendship,’ kindness,’ and the wonders of the world,’ Micki Family’s capacity was designed to concentrate early puerility growing in a jubilant and engaging way. Each video combines changeful animations with effortful music as well as making learning an exciting hazard for toddlers,’ preschoolers as well as and early learners.

Dive into the world of Micki Family Kids Songs & Nursery Rhymes on The Tube Kids today and give your children the gift of music and learning.