Spring’s Beloved Children

The sun baby is most loved by spring. Spring patiently tells the sun baby that the time of spring is very short and precious, so it should rise early to urge Uncle Farmer to go to the fields to till the land. The sun blushes, remembering the words of Mother Spring, and goes to its post on time every day.

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Spring also loves the tree babies. She tells the trees that upon hearing the sound of spring thunder, they can no longer sleep in, but must exercise their bodies, quickly sprout, and grow green leaves. The trees are very obedient, each standing tall and growing straight.

The black swallows, with their sharp scissors, fly back from the south day and night non-stop, making the spring warmth cut warmer day by day; tired, they rest on the electric wires to sing, like little notes decorated on the staff.

The flowers are Mother Spring’s most beloved and beautiful children. They compete to bloom first, red as fire, white as snow, yellow as gold, and also emitting a fresh fragrance. We often squat down, bring our little noses close to the flower buds, and sniff the fragrance of the flowers vigorously.

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We are also Mother Spring’s most beloved children. We shed our thick cotton clothes, run on the paths, hoping to grow taller, and also hoping to outgrow the newly planted poplar trees by the roadside; under the artificial hill in the campus, we hold up our books and read aloud, on the path of learning, we cannot afford to be lazy.

There are so many children of spring! In the embrace of spring, we grow up happy and blissful!

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