When newborns reach this month, “low IQ” will make these three moves, don’t be stupid to ignore

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By the time a newborn reaches five months, they are capable of performing a wide range of actions. Their physical development gradually becomes more stable, and the movements they make are more skilled, no longer as unfamiliar as before. In addition to physical development, there is also significant progress in the baby’s intelligence. The baby appears more clever and intelligent, which undoubtedly reassures the mother. While some mothers rejoice in their baby’s progress, others may worry, as some newborns at five months exhibit behaviors indicating lower intelligence. Unfortunately, some mothers tend to overlook these signs. Let’s take a look at what these behaviors are.

Haven’t recognized mom yet

For a five-month-old newborn, to be honest, most babies at this age can already recognize their mothers. For babies who are breastfed, they might have recognized their mothers even earlier, possibly around two months old. Looking at a five-month-old baby who hasn’t recognized their mom yet is unacceptable. In reality, it indicates a lower intelligence level. Whether it’s in terms of observational skills, sensory abilities, or analytical abilities of the brain, such babies tend to lag behind. How do you determine if a baby doesn’t recognize their mom? It’s when the baby continues to cry and cannot be comforted by the mom, and at night, they don’t seem to seek their mother. Mothers can clearly feel this aspect.

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Cannot be amused yet

A three-month-old baby usually laughs when entertained, and some babies can be amused as early as two months. Therefore, for a five-month-old baby who still cannot be amused, it indicates a lower intelligence. The baby cannot comprehend the intentions of people around them, failing to understand when others try to amuse them. The baby seems unresponsive to such actions, and caring for such a baby can be challenging. They don’t give the impression of being clever, and their lack of laughter fails to warm the mother’s heart. If, at five months, the baby not only cannot be amused but also laughs infrequently, it can be attributed to a lower intelligence rather than a personality issue.

Eating despite vomiting

Even newborns know when they are full or hungry, let alone a five-month-old baby. If a baby frequently vomits and still wants to eat after five months, it could be loosely attributed to the baby not being full or having a larger stomach capacity. However, it’s rare for a five-month-old baby to exhibit such behavior because typically, if a baby vomits, it indicates they have consumed enough milk. Based on the developmental stage of a five-month-old baby, they are unlikely to vomit due to being underfed. Therefore, a baby who continues to want to eat after vomiting at this stage may have lower intelligence. Mothers should take this seriously and not underestimate or ignore this behavior.

When a newborn reaches this month, ‘low intelligence’ may manifest through these three behaviors, so don’t foolishly overlook them. At five months old, if a baby shows signs of not recognizing people, being unamused, and wanting to eat after vomiting, it can be concluded that the baby has lower intelligence. Here, I also want to remind mothers that if their baby displays such abnormal behaviors during development, don’t foolishly dismiss them as normal variations. Every baby is unique, but thinking this way may impact the baby’s future development.

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