Paper Cuttings shop of the moon witch

In the forest, there is a small house. The plaque on the lintel of the house reads: The Paper Cuttings shop of the moon witch. The Moon Witch lives inside. Why call her Moon Witch? Originally, this witch likes to open her business only on moonlit nights, so the little animals in the forest call her Moon Witch.

The Moon Witch’s hands are so skillful that the small animals she cuts out come to life. It is said that as long as she breathes on Paper Cuttings, the small animals on Paper Cuttings will live immediately.

Of course, the Paper Cuttings of the moon witch is for sale. As long as the residents in the forest bring a fresh flower, a smooth stone, or a ripe fruit, they can “buy” a beautiful Paper Cuttings. Since its opening, the Moon Witch has paved a small path in front of the door with smooth stones; Those flowers, the moon witch is used to decorate the house; As for the small fruit, it cannot be eaten by oneself, so it is left by the window for passersby to quench their thirst.

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That night, the moon in the sky was round, and the moon witch opened the door again and began to operate.

A little rabbit ran from a long distance and shouted at the door, “Grandma, help me quickly! One day, my mother and I went on a long trip, but unexpectedly, we were attacked by a hunter on the way. With a ‘bang’ sound, my mother fell into a pool of blood. I was so scared that I crawled into the grass. When I came out to find my mother, I only saw blood on the ground and her was gone. I missed my mother…” The little rabbit cried.

“Good child, don’t be upset. First, tell me about your mother’s appearance.”

The little rabbit began to depict its mother’s appearance. The Moon Witch quickly cut out the shape of the little rabbit’s mother based on its story.

“Mom…” The little rabbit was very excited with his mother’s Paper Cuttings.

“Grandma, can you revive my mother? I brought you a bag of mushrooms,” said the little rabbit, placing the mushrooms on the counter.

The Moon Witch shook her head and said, “How could I have your mushroom? But it’s difficult to resurrect your mother. Grandma, give it a try.”

The moon witch said, and began to blow on the mother rabbit’s Paper Cuttings. The Moon Witch blew one mouthful after another, exhausted and panting, but still did not turn the Rabbit Mother back.

“Grandma, if it’s not possible, you can give up.” The little rabbit was very sorry for the Moon Witch.

“I’ll try again.” The moon witch blew hard, and the miracle appeared. The Paper Cuttings disappeared, and the mother rabbit jumped out of the moon witch’s hand.

“Mom -” The little rabbit and its mother hugged tightly together.

After the intimacy between the two women, they thanked the Moon Witch and left here.

The Moon Witch was exhausted and brewed a cup of lavender tea. She slowly tasted it and regained her strength.

As soon as the Moon Witch regained her strength, she heard a commotion in front of the door. It turned out to be little monkeys, deer, horses, and pigs. Some of them brought bright flowers, while others brought freshly picked fruits.

The little monkey said on behalf of everyone, “Grandma, after the death of the old lion king, the new lion king always bullies us little animals. We live a life of fear every day. Can you bring the old lion king back to life?”

“Let the Lion King come back to life?” The Moon Witch found it difficult, but she didn’t want to disappoint everyone, so she nodded. According to their description, they cut out the appearance of the old Lion King, and then began to blow air for the old Lion King’s Paper Cuttings.

The moon witch blows, blows. The sun was about to come out in the morning, but it still didn’t bring the old lion king to life. Many small animals are so sleepy that they fall asleep.

The little monkey said, “Grandma, take a break for a while. How about we blow it tomorrow?”

The Moon Witch shook her head and said, “There are still things to do tomorrow.”

The Moon Witch began to breathe again. Finally, when the sun rose, the Moon Witch blew the Old Lion King alive. The little animals thanked the moon witch and left with the old lion king.

The Moon Witch was really exhausted. She closed the door and lay in bed, falling asleep.

The Moon Witch slept and slept for a whole month before waking up. At this moment, it was night. She looked at the full moon hanging in the air outside the window, and her mood suddenly improved a lot.

The Moon Witch lit the light, opened the door, and sat behind the counter, thinking to herself, “What other customers will come tonight?”?

In no time, I heard the chaotic footsteps outside. A group of animals arrived, led by the old lion king.

The Old Lion King said on behalf of everyone, “Grandma, it’s not good. A group of people have come outside the forest, cutting down trees and setting fire to open up wasteland. These days, we come to see you every day, and when we see you sleeping, we dare not disturb you.”

“What, even the forest is going to be destroyed?” said Grandma Moon, flying out of the window and into the air.

Indeed, the machines by the forest are roaring, and the trees are being felled; In the distant wilderness, the fire is still burning.

Grandma Moon returned to the cabin.

“Grandma, what should we do?”

The Moon Witch sighed and said, “Unexpectedly, a person’s heart is covered in dust.”

“What should we do then?”

“I’ll try and give them a clean heart.” The moon witch began Paper Cuttings and cut out many clean hearts.

The moon witch took these Paper Cuttings hearts and flew into the air, began to blow to the hearts, and blew these hearts to the place where human beings live.

The Moon Witch kept cutting and blowing, until one day she flew into the sky and had no strength to come down again. Her body gradually became a part of the moonlight.

“Grandma, come down!” The animals shouted below.

“I can’t come down anymore. My life has become a part of the moonlight. Let my moonlight warm people’s hearts and make them more pure!”

The Moon Witch has never returned, but her small house is still preserved in the forest, and small animals go to clean it every day. More: Dolphin household registration check


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