Im A Little Teapot

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Im A Little Teapot Lyrics

I’m a little teapot
Short and stout
Here is my handle
(one hand on hip)
Here is my spout
(other arm out straight)
When I get all steamed up
Hear me shout
“Tip me over
and pour me out!”
(lean over toward spout)
I’m a clever teapot,
Yes it’s true
Here let me show you
What I can do
I can change my handle
And my spout
(switch arm positions)
Just tip me over and pour me out!
(lean over toward spout)

Soy una tetera

Soy una teterita,
pequeña y fuerte
Esta es mi asa
Este es mi pico
Cuando me calientan…
vierteme y vaciame!
Soy una tetera muy especial,
Si, es cierto,
Este es un ejemplo de lo que puedo hacer,
Puedo voltear mi asa en mi pico
Vierteme y vaciame!

The Teapot Song (I’m A Little TeaPot)

Im a Little Teapot is an American song first published in 1939. Originally, the song was written by Clarence Kelley to help students master the “Waltz Clog” tap dance routine.

The song and the accompanying moves proved to be very popular and the song made its way to households in the UK and Canada soon after.

The accompanying motions to I’m a Little Teapot will be described in the lyrics below



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