Mermaid Song Dance, Baby Shark Song

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Let’s get ready to dance under the sea with JJ and his fishy friends! Is that a baby shark I see? Sing and dance along to the mermaid song dance baby shark song with MORE classic CoComelon nursery rhymes!

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Mermaid song

Are mermaids real or make believe, 

cos I think I saw one swimming in the sea

Her tail had silver scales and her hair was very long, 

and as she swam she sang a mermaid song

Oooohh (wobble your lips as you sing!)

Are mermaids real or are they fake, 

Baby Shark V3 (Submarine Version)

Baby Shark, do do do do do do

Baby Shark, do do do do do do

Baby Shark, do do do do do do

Baby Shark

Mommy Shark, do do do do do do

Mommy Shark, do do do do do do

Mommy Shark, do do do do do do

Mommy Shark, do do do do do do

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