Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes

Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes is an American Youtube channel and straming media show acquired by the british company Moonbug Entertainment and mainteined by the American company. This Chanel product video song for kids. Cocomelon  video include children, adults and anumals who interac witch each other in daily life. The lyrics appear at the bottom of the screen in same way on all display.

What is cocomelon Nursery Rhymes Lyrics ?

Cocomelon Song Lyrics produces videos and songs for children. Including famous songs: baby shark cocomelon, johny johny yes papa, yes yes vegetable … Videos like hypnotize kids. It is very difficult to leave them to do something while they were awake before, almost impossible. But now they almost hypnotize the kids. It’s not good for kids to use electronic devices all the time. However, also look at the advantages they have. The videos with Cocomelon Furry Friends, skillful producers put songs that teach problems about life, nature, animal songs, counting practice songs, alphabet songs, family songs. Here are some of the videos with the most viewers on Youtube.

Top 10 Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes lyrics

My Mommy is the Best

My Mommy is the best, the best there ever was
My Mommy is the best, and I love her just because
Whenever I am sick or hurt, she gives a great big kiss
She helps me to feel better and she does it just like this

My Mommy is the best, the best there ever was
My Mommy is the best, and I love her just because
She takes the time to play with me, all my favorite games
Even when she‘s busy, she loves me just the same


My Daddy is the Best

My Daddy is the Best

He tells me silly stories

He helps me not to be afraid

When he turns out the light

The best there ever was

and I love him just because

He’s always playing music

and sings my favorite songs


Shapes In My Lunch

Shapes in our lunch

Today, today

what do you think this shape is named?

A square? A square! Yes!

A square, A square, all around

A slice of bread and honeydew

And a few pineapple cubes!

Shapes in our lunch

Today, today


Cocomelon Yes yes vegetables

Dear baby, dear baby, what would you like?
Red, red, the red veggies
Red veggies, red veggies, what are they?
I know, I know, they are tomatoes

Tomatoes, tomatoes, yum yum yum
Yes, yes, yes, I like tomatoes
Tomatoes, tomatoes, yum yum yum
Yes, yes, yes, I like tomatoes

Dear baby, dear baby, what would you like?
Yellow, yellow, the yellow veggies
Yellow veggies, yellow veggies, what are they?

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Three Little Pigs

Why don’t you, sit right back,
And I, I may tell you, a tale.
A tale of three, little pigs,
And a big, bad, wolf.
Well the first little piggy, well he was kinda hip.
He spent most of his days, just a dreaming of the city.
And then one day, he bought a guitar.
He moved to Hollywood, to become a star.
But, living on the farm, he knew nothing of the city.
Built his house out of straw, what a pity.

Yes yes Stay Healthy

Work out, work out, it’s time to work out now
Yes, yes, yes I like to work out
Good, good, working out is good for you
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I like it, ooh
See, see, Teddy likes to work out
One, two, three, exercise you see
Yes, yes, yes
You see, I’m working out
Yeah, yeah, yeah, I like it, wow
Hands, hands, it’s time to wash your hands
Yes, yes, yes I want to wash my hands

Garage Sale Song

Garage Sale! Garage Sale!

You can buy a treasure, you canbuy a toy

What’s old to me, is new to you

I have played with you

I have played with you

I’ll remember you just because

It was so fun to buzz buzz buzz

When it’s time to share your things


Doctor Checkup Song

Hey everyone!

Say hello to Cody’s mom

Hi Class. I’m a doctor

And today I’m going to show you what happens

When you get a checkup!

When you go see the doctor

For your checkup today

She’ll make sure you’re healthy


Stick to it Song

Let’s all jump rope!

Keep sticking to it

You’re strong enough

And don’t ever giver up


I’d like Bello to froggy jump

Someone’s in my head

Someone’s in the mirror


Train Song

I’m on a train

I’m listening

To all the sounds

The engine makes

And neath the train

There are some tracks

The train goes clicka clicka

I’m on a train


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