Johny Johny yes papa Lyrics

Lyrics: Johny Johny, Yes Papa, Eating Sugar? No Papa Are you sure. Yes Papa Open your mouth.

Johny Johny yes papa Lyrics in English:

Johny Johny
(Yes Papa)
Eating sugar?
(No, papa)
Telling lies?
(No, papa)
Open your mouth
(Ah, ah, ah!)
Johny, Johny
(Yes, Papa)
Eating sugar?
(No, papa)
Telling lies?
(No, papa)
Open your mouth
(Ah, ah, ah!)

Handy it’s for you even though you’re not supposed to.
Go away Sue fool Sue.
With a smile at your creation of a mass anticipation.
Go away Sue, go on Sue.
Give a milder man his place to give a silencer it’s grace to.
Go-ahead Sue, go on Sue.

Try to get it straight,
I’m in action and I hate it.
Can I write my eager list with a message on the end?
You can reach me at the station,
I will swear to keep you waiting.
Am I joking?
Am I hell.
I’m a user and I’m closer.

It’s a silly kind of meaning,
I can see sense in your reason.
Go away fool, away fool.
Either way to be tight fisted other means have been enlisted.
In your name fool, name fool.
Take a second to decide if you and I are going to croak
If you are maimed fool, maimed fool.

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