Home Sweet Home Song

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Cody’s new baby sister is here! Welcome Kendi to the Green family in the CoComelon song for kids, ‘Home Sweet Home Song’ and MORE new baby nursery rhymes! Subscribe for new videos every week!

Home Sweet Home Song With Lyrics:

00:00 Home Sweet Home (Nursery)

02:39 I’m Going to be a Big Brother

05:18 This Box Rocks

08:03 Excavator Song

10:34 Accidents Happen

13:36 Color Kaleidescope

16:21 Bad Dream Song

19:19 It Starts with a Wave

22:16 Time to Go        

25:07 Teaching Directions

28:30 Cody’s Spy Song

31:03 The Wheels on the Bus

33:30 ABC Soup Song

36:30 Cody’s Special Day

38:58 Sick Song V2

41:22 Construction Vehicles Song

45:06 This is the Way

47:34 My Body Song

51:50 Cody’s Father And Son Day

54:45 10 Little Buses

57:28 Jello Color Song

01:01:03 Old MacDonald V2

01:03:46 Get Outside Song

01:06:22 Mother’s Day Breakfast

01:09:35 The Boo Boo Song V2

01:13:04 Soccer Song

01:15:55 Jobs and Career Song

01:19:32 Cody’s Bath Song

01:22:07 African Melody Song

01:24:46 Let’s Build a Snow Friend

01:27:43 Cody’s Finger Family

01:30:15 Play and Tell

01:33:16 Row Row Stream Song

01:36:12 Playdate with Nina

01:38:48 Happy & You Know It (Cody)

01:41:35 Shopping Cart Song

01:44:39 Funny Face Song

01:47:30 Train Park Song

01:50:11 Doctor Checkup Song (School Version)

01:52:47 Here We Go Up

01:55:59 The Teacher Song

01:59:01 The Muffin Man V2.


Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes & Kids Song

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