Like Nastya – Nastya and a new Christmas Red VS Gold Challenge

Like Nastya – Nastya and a new Christmas Red VS Gold Challenge

Nastya and her friend decorate their rooms in different colors for Christmas. They understand that nothing can be better than friendship.

In this festive video, Like Nastya is excited to kick off the holiday season with a brand new Christmas challenge: Red VS Gold! Join Nastya as she unboxes tons of Christmas-themed toys and decorations in both red and gold, and then puts them to the test in a series of fun challenges. Will red or gold reign supreme? – Nastya is kicking off this holiday season by challenging her fans get creative with red and gold. Through cheerful crafting, decorating, and dressing up she hopes to inspire joyful Christmas magic around the world!

Will you accept Nastya’s Red VS Gold challenge? Showcase your holiday spirit by decorating your home, making unique handmade gifts and ornaments, or planning festive outfits. And be sure to share photos of your stunning creations for a chance to get featured on Nastya’s next Toys and Colors YouTube video!

However you choose to participate, this challenge is guaranteed to spark merriment and wonder. Nastya can’t wait to see the incredible red and gold Christmas displays crafted by her talented, imaginative fans. So grab your art supplies, queue up the carols, and let the festivities commence! May your days be merry and bright!

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