CoComelon ABC Phonics Song And Lyrics

CoComelon ABC Phonics Song And Lyrics Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs – Sing along with the Phonics Song and learn all about the sounds that the letters of the alphabet make!

CoComelon ABC Phonics Song And Lyrics


A is for Apple, a, a, a, Apple
B is for Banana, b, b, b, Banana
C is for Cake, c, c, c, Cake
D is for Duck, d, d, d, Duck
E is for Elephant, e, e, e, Elephant
F is for Fish, f, f, f, Fish
G is for Guitar, g, g, g, Guitar
H is for Hat, h, h, h, Hat
I is for Igloo, i, i, i, Igloo
J is for Juice, j, j, j, Juice
K is for Kitten, k, k, k, Kitten
L is for Lemon, l, l, l, Lemon
M is for Mittens, m, m, m, Mittens
N is for Nest, n, n, n, Nest
O is for Orange, o, o, o, Orange
P is for Pig, p, p, p, Pig
Q is for Queen, q, q, q, Queen
R is for Ring, r, r, r, Ring
S is for Socks, s, s, s, Socks
T is for Teddy Bear, t, t, t, Teddy Bear
U is for Umbrella, u, u, u, Umbrella
V is for Vegetables, v, v, v, Vegetables
W is for Wolf, w, w, w, Wolf
X is for X-ray, x, x, x, X-ray
Y is for Yoyo, y, y, y, Yoyo
Z is for Zipper, z, z, z, Zipper
I love my ABC Phonics Song
I want to sing it all day long.

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CoComelon Song Lyrics “ABC Phonics Song” is an animated and vibrant video that aims to educate young children about the alphabet and phonics by means of catchy melodies and vibrant graphics. This video facilitates early literacy development by appealing to the senses and is particularly well-suited for preschoolers and toddlers, as it provides a pleasurable and interactive experience while teaching fundamental language skills.



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