Children’s drawing, how to teach a child to draw a little swan?

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Step 1

Outline of the swan’s body and wings. Let’s start with the outline of the swan’s body and wings. To do this, begin by drawing a long oval shape to serve as the main body. Add a long curve in front of it, with a small oval shape at the end; this will represent the neck and head. Now, you can refer to this initial sketch as you proceed with the drawing.

Step 2

Outline of the swan’s wings Now, on either side of the large oval, add bow-shaped lines for the wings. Then, beneath the swan’s abdomen, draw two small circles with short lines on top; these represent the swan’s legs and webbed feet.

Step 3

The swan’s neck. Strive to make the swan’s neck appear long and graceful. Draw two lines in the middle that are parallel to the initial outline. Add a bill on the oval shape of the head.

Step 4

The form of the swan’s wings. Stay within the boundaries of the previously drawn wings and add feathers throughout the wingspan. Just try not to press too hard with the pencil, as at this stage, we only need a rough sketch. Lift the head to make the bill’s form more accurate.

Step 5

The final stage of drawing the swan. You need to know the correct placement of various swan feathers. Start by drawing smaller feathers at the bottom of the wings, then gradually move to the longer feathers farthest from the swan’s body. Shade the bill and the area toward the eyes in black. Add some fluff around the tail and abdomen. Don’t forget to cover the swan’s webbed feet. Swans don’t need much shading as they are typically naturally pristine white. To make your drawing more lifelike, you might want to draw a second swan next to this one, as swans often live in pairs.

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  1. Swan drawing tutorial
  2. Wing outline and feathers
  3. Swan neck and bill
  4. Final stage of swan illustration
  5. Pair of swans and shading techniques



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