Настя и папа купают котёнка

Настя и папа купают котёнка

Настя и папа любят чистоту, они заботятся о чистоте игрушек. Но и про гигиену животных забывать нельзя. Они решили устроить ванный день для своей кошки.

Nastya And a Story Welcome to Nastya’s universe – where Nastya and her parents play, learn, sing, explore and share their life experiences. 

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Настя и папа купают котёнка Millions of kids and families from all over the world join Nastya every day to explore the world and learn about songs, numbers, nature, colors, shapes, animals, and the importance of eating healthy food, washing hands, being a good friend, and much more Toys and Colors.

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Radzinskaya was born in Krasnodar Krai, Southern Russia. Diagnosed with cerebral palsy, her doctors feared she might never be able to speak.[1][2]

Her mother Anna Radzinskaya had a bridal salon in Krasnodar which, according to her, made about 300 thousand Russian rubles per month. Her father Sergey Radzinskij had a construction company with 20 workers, which was more profitable, but less stable.[3]

In 2015, Anastasia’s parents sold their companies, and in January 2016,[4] they created the Like Nastya channel on YouTube. In the beginning it was a toy unboxing channel, but later it was transformed into a channel showcasing visits of amusement parks in different countries. In the first 7 months the family visited 6 countries.[3]

They spent around 1-1.5 million Russian rubles per month, which were initially taken out of the family’s savings, but later the channel became profitable, earning money from YouTube’s partner program.[3] Like Nastya is also dubbed into other languages such as German, Arabic, Bangla, French, Portuguese, Hindi, Spanish, Korean, Vietnamese and Indonesian


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