Super Baby JOJO rides in an egg shaped car and helps the little dinosaurs find their tails

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In the fantastical land of Magic Tree Paradise, Uncle and his friends set off on an exciting journey. Uncle flies ahead in a purple egg-shaped aircraft with a detachable propeller, while his pals follow in a colorful cavalcade of rockets. The dinosaurs’ celebration is spoiled, however, when they realize their tails have gone for no apparent reason.

Super Baby JOJO offers a helping hand in a touching act of generosity. JOJO offers a variety of goods in exchange for the missing tails, hoping to negotiate their return. The dinosaurs immediately agree to JOJO’s proposal since they are anxious to get their tails. Each dinosaur, even the blue one who is very grateful to Uncle, receives its proper tail in the ensuing flurry of activity. – Sister and the other volunteers provide a sense of community to the project by using their rockets to aid the dinosaurs in their pursuit of regaining their tails. The once-perfect cars driven by Uncle and his pals now stand as a tribute to the unbreakable relationships formed inside the enchanted land of Magic Tree Paradise thanks to their participation in these adventures.

The film brilliantly depicts the spirit of joy and cooperation, charting the characters’ pleasant adventure as they help one another in a fantastic environment kids.

Souce: ABI Toy Magic


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