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Nursery Rhymes and Educational Resources! Take the timeless story of Jack and Jill with beloved songs and lyrics brought to life by Dave and Ava Nursery Rhymes. Together with Jack and Jill, they head up the mountain to retrieve a pail of water, only to have an accident along the way. Jack falls and Jill follows him to the classic adventure experience, in a wonderful story that appeals to children and adults alike. Dave and Ava Nursery Rhymes provides educational and entertaining entertainment through catchy songs and catchy illustrations. Discover the magic of childhood at today! – Jack and Jill Song And Lyrics -Dave and Ava Nursery Rhymes


Jack and Jill went up the hillTo fetch a pail of waterJack fell down and broke his crownAnd Jill came tumbling after
Jack got up, and home did trotAs fast as he could caperTo old Dame Dob, who patched his nobWith vinegar and brown paper
Jack and Jill went up the hillTo fetch a pail of waterJack fell down and broke his crownAnd Jill came tumbling after
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Learn the famous Jack and Jill Nursery Rhyme in this cute animated video from Dave and Ava!
Dave and Ava is a series of 3D animated nursery rhymes especially for young children, ages 1-4. Each episode features a toddler boy and a toddler girl dressed as a puppy and a kitten, and their animal friends.
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