Heroes to the Rescue Song

Let’s learn how to be a hero! JJ, Cody and Nina play firefighter and save the day! Sing along to Heroes To The Rescue song Cocomelon and MORE nursery rhymes and kids songs by CoComelon!


00:00 Heroes to the Rescue

02:50 Play Outside – Beach

05:27 This is the Way – Playground Version

07:56 Wheels on the Bus (Toy Edition)

10:49 Yes Yes Vegetables

14:42 Following in Dad’s Footsteps

17:37 Dentist Song

20:14 If You’re Happy and You Know It

22:58 Namaste JJ

25:53 Pretend Play Song

28:54 Counting Apples At The Farm

31:50 Down by the Station

34:31 Fix It

37:39 Pizza Song

40:34 Garage Sale Song

43:44 Nature Walk

46:24 Quiet Time

49:24 What Makes Me Happy

53:00 Tie Your Shoes Song

56:19 Head Shoulders Knees and Toes V2

58:28 Reading Song

01:00:38 I Love the Mountains

01:03:38 I Want to be Like Mommy

01:06:53 Wait Your Turn

01:09:59 You Can Ride a Bike

01:13:16 Piggy Bank Song

01:16:12 Tap Dancing Song

01:18:40 Numbers Song with Little Chicks

01:21:32 The Stretching and Exercise Song

01:23:55 Field Day Song

01:26:53 Planet Song

01:31:47 Nap Time Song

01:34:49 Bath Song

01:37:25 The Socks Song

01:40:21 Baby Shark V2 (Hide and Seek Version)

01:42:27 Clean Up Song

01:45:11 Yes Yes Save the Earth Song

01:48:58 Sharing Song

01:52:29 Ms. Polly Had a Dolly

01:55:14 Color Kaleidoscope

01:57:58 Go Before You Go

Heroes to the Rescue Song is a  Most Popular Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes for children. This is one of the songs about a children’s bathroom, produced by Cocomelon. Include songs and lyrics for babies.

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