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Good Morning Song Lyrics

Good Morning

The sun is rising up

Everybody, wake up

Let’s wash your face

Wash, wash, splash!

So fresh!

The sun is rising up

Smile. a bright smile

Let’s brush your teeth 

Brush, brush, fresh!

The sun is rising up

Stretch it out, stretch it out

Let’s get all dressed and

Here I am, Finished!

Try it on your own

The sun is rising up

Everybody, wake up

Try it on your own

La la la la la la, Wash, wash, Brush, brush

Get Dress, I can do it on my own!


Good Habits For Kids

Establishing good habits for Kids is very important. Since being aware of everything happening around, children always follow and follow but not know whether it is good or bad. So it is very possible that we accidentally create bad habits for children to follow. Be it small actions or songs, the movie catches the child first. So finding good habit songs for children is very important.
Good Morning Song Pinkfong is one of them. The song encourages children to voluntarily brush their teeth, wash their faces, and wear clothes every morning. With a lively and friendly image, Pinkfong’s character concretizes detailed images and pure lyrics, baby. Makes it easy to educate children to form 10 good habits

10 Good Habits :

Tooth Brushing Is Fun

Shapes In My Lunch

Keep Our Planet Clean | The Supremes Cartoons


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