Fire Drill Song Preschool

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The Fire Drill Song Lyrics

Teacher: Nina’s mom is a firefighter

A big and brave firefighter

Nina’s Mom: That’s right I’m a firefighter

Nina: I’m gonna be a firefighter!

Verse 2 

Let’s wear a bright red fire hat

A shiny bright red fire hat

In a bright red fire hat

I look like a firefighter

Spoken (Adults): Wee-ooh 

Spoken (Kids): Wee-ooh

Verse 3 

Let’s wear a yellow fire coat

A big and yellow fire coat

In a yellow fire coat

I look like a firefighter ….

Spoken (Adults): Wee-ooh 

Spoken (Kids): Wee-ooh

Verse 4 

Let’s get in the fire engine

A big red shiny fire engine

In a big red fire engine

I look like a firefighter 

Spoken (Nina’s Mom):


Spoken (Kids): Wee-ooh

Spoken (Nico): Honk honk!

Verse 5 

Let’s use the whooshing water hose

A whooshing wiggling water hose

With a whooshing water hose

I look like a firefighter 

Spoken (Adults): Wee-ooh 

Spoken (Kids): Wee-ooh

Spoken (Kids): Whoooosh!

 Spoken (Miss Appleberry): WHOOP WHOOP WHOOP It’s a fire drill!

Verse 6 

Let’s listen to the teacher now

I’m listening to the teacher now

Cause teacher is telling me now

We are putting on a fire drill!….

Spoken (Miss Appleberry): Wee-ooh 

Spoken (Kids): Wee-ooh

 Spoken (Miss Appleberry): Line up and follow me outside 

Verse 7 

Let’s line up safe and sound outside

We’ll gather in a line outside

We’ll be safe lined up outside 

We’ll wait for the firefighter

Fire Drill Preparation

Kids need to know what to expect and what will happen in a fire drill/evacuation. Each month or so discuss the need for fire drills (to stay safe in an emergency) and the procedure for fire drills. Talk about the loud sound that the fire alarm makes. Practice making the sound together. (If possible, listen to the actual sound during a fire drill.) In my first center, we used the actual fire alarm for our drills. (We called the fire department first so they knew we were having a drill.) The children knew exactly what the alarm sounded like and how loud it really was. They learned to walk past that loud sound to leave the building – even if they didn’t like it. They learned that the sound was to keep them safe.

Review and practice the steps that happen when the fire alarm sounds. Use the pictures in the Fire Drill Song Printable or in the Fire Drill Visual Routine. Walk through the steps with your class. Practicing the procedures before the alarm sounds helps children concentrate on what to do without all the commotion and sound in regular fire drills. Role play both appropriate and inappropriate behaviors during fire drills.

Fire Drill Song Preschool – Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes

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