Dinosaur Train Theme Song

Dinosaur Train Theme Song Lyrics

Dinosaur train

Dinosaur train

Once upon a time there was a mom

Here name was Mrs. Pteranodon

Sittin’ on her nest she heard a stratchin’

And said

Oh boy, my eggs are hatching

One by one her kids popped free

Baby Pteranodons one, two, three

I’ll name you Tiny, Shiny, and Don

But Tiny said

Wait, there’s one more, mom

Last little baby was a different size

With teeth and a tail and big green eyes

He didn’t look anything like the rest

What am I doin’ in a Pteranodon nest

But dear old Mrs. Pteranodon said

Oh this is your family and I’m your mom

You may be different, but we’re all creatures

All dinosaurs have different features

Come on buddy, we’ll take a vacation

I’ll get us some tickets at Pteranodon station

We’ll travel the world through sunshine and rain

And meet all the species on the

Dinosaur train (dinosaur train)

Dinosaur train (dinosaur train)

We’re gonna ride, ride, ride, ride

The dinosaur train

Dinosaur Train Theme Song – Cocomelon Nursery Rhymes

Who wrote Dinosaur Train theme song?

Dinosaur Train is an American computer-animated children’s musical television series created by Craig Bartlelt, creator of Hey Arnold. The film tells the story of a curious dinosaur named Buddy, who, with his adopted family, goes on a dinosaur train to explore his time with a variety of dinosaur adventures.

Cocomelon Dinosaur Train Song

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