CoComelon One Potato, Two Potatoes Song And Lyrics

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CoComelon One Potato, Two Potatoes Song And Lyrics Nursery Rhymes & Kids Songs

Everybody’s making mashed potatoes! It takes a lot of work, but we’ll have fun counting along the way, and have a yummy snack when we’re done! Have fun singing and counting together!

CoComelon One Potato, Two Potatoes Song And Lyrics


One potato, two potatoes
Three potatoes, four

Five potatoes, six potatoes
Seven potatoes more

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One potato, two potatoes, Three potatoes, four, Five potatoes, six potatoes, Seven potatoes more ♪

A variety of characters are depicted having a good time while singing and counting potatoes in this video. The lyrics are straightforward and repetitive, facilitating young children’s comprehension and encouragement of the concept of counting in an enjoyable fashion. The video is intentionally captivating and educational, with the intention of assisting children in learning numbers and counting in a lighthearted manner.



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