Baby’s Doctor Visit Song – Sick Little One’s Nursery Rhymes

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Baby’s Doctor Visit Song Sick Little One’s Nursery Rhymes Lyrics

Miliki Jr. and Susanita are sick, so it’s time to visit the doctor. They are very afraid! But with the help of Mom and Dad, they are finding out that if they really want to be cured, they don’t have to be afraid of the doctor.

Miliki Jr. is a little baby with a lot of brightness and curiosity. At 6 months, he certainly can say that home makes his whole universe. Surely, this does not limit that small tot from diving into everything with the amazing wonder of experiencing things for the very first time.

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There is no mystery as to why Miliki Jr. is so bright-eyed and alert: his grandfather, Miliki, is cut from the same cloth. Whether it is a guide, a partner, or a co-adventurer in the travels of Miliki Jr., there always has to be that flare for fantasy and imagination in even the most prosaic events. – The Miliki family breaks the mold in more ways than one: song is their form of learning. Well, all the tunes out there? They know them all and went ahead to make their own to teach Miliki Jr. something and keep their sense of curiosity and imagination alive. They learn colors, numbers, how to brush, and much more through colors of their songs, which hold two different purposes for education and entertainment!




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