Asi Rabbit’s delicious soup

Rabbit Axi, everyone calls him Axi Rabbit.

Axi Rabbit’s mother was sick, she had a high fever, and was coughing and sneezing. The stork doctor came and gave her a shot, her fever went down, she stopped sneezing, and her cough was gone, but her body was weak and she had no appetite.

Axi Rabbit cooked porridge for his mother, but she didn’t want to drink it. Axi Rabbit also learned how to make fruit soup from the neighboring hedgehog girl. He cut apples and pears into small pieces, and added bananas and red dates. The fruit soup was cooked. Axi Rabbit thought the fruit soup smelled sweet and delicious, so he drank three big bowls, but his mother didn’t want to drink any. Axi Rabbit had no solution.

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His mother needed to eat to regain her strength and nourish her body so she could recover quickly. What did she want to eat? Axi Rabbit asked the hedgehog girl to help think about it, but after a while, they still couldn’t figure it out.

Looking at the telephone on the table, Axi Rabbit excitedly said, “I’ve got it, I’ve got it, the telephone!”

“You want to cook the telephone for your mother to eat?” The hedgehog girl didn’t understand why Axi Rabbit was so excited.

“No, the telephone can tell me what my mother loves to eat.”

“How can it tell?”

“I can call my grandma!” Axi Rabbit quickly dialed the number and said to his grandma, “Grandma, mom is sick, but she’s better now, don’t worry. I just want to ask, what did mom love to eat when she was little? Her appetite is really poor now.” Grandma talked for a long time on the phone, and Axi Rabbit listened carefully. After hanging up, he asked the hedgehog girl to help.

They cut carrots into chunks, sliced fresh mushrooms, cut onions into shreds, added various seasonings, and cooked a pot of fragrant soup. Mom woke up from her sleep and said, “What smells so good, this scent is so familiar!”

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“Really?” Axi Rabbit and the hedgehog girl said excitedly.

Axi Rabbit poured a bowl of soup for his mom. Mom took a sip and said, “This soup is so delicious!”

“Really?” Axi Rabbit and the hedgehog girl said happily.

After finishing the soup, mom smacked her lips and said, “The taste is so fresh!”

“Really?” Axi Rabbit and the hedgehog girl said excitedly.

Axi Rabbit poured another bowl for his mom, and she said as she drank, “I often drank this soup when I was little, this was my favorite.”

“Really?” Axi Rabbit and the hedgehog girl looked at each other and laughed happily. “Hey, how did you know how to make this soup? This used to be my mom’s, Axi’s grandma’s specialty soup. I haven’t had it for years.”

“Really?” Axi Rabbit’s eyes sparkled, and the hedgehog girl couldn’t help but laugh again. She said, “Axi’s mom, this is a secret for you to guess!”. Click Go Home.



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