Pinkfong visits Doctors


Pinkfong visits Doctors song | Boo Boo Song and more!

You’re watching “Boo Boo Song and more!”, an educational and interactive Healthy Habits Compilation prepared to you by Pinkfong!

⭐️Time Stamp⭐️

00:00:00 Visit Dr. Hero

00:02:26 First Aid Song

00:03:45 Take Special Care

00:05:58 Tummy Ache Song

00:07:06 The Boo-Boo Song

00:08:17 Night Heroes

00:10:20 Potty Training Song

00:12:35 My Emotions

00:14:51 Let’s Wash Our Hands

00:16:55 Magic Word Song

00:19:09 Smart Rules, Our Rules

00:22:26 Teamwork Is All You Need

00:24:39 Jazzy Baby Shark

00:27:46 Time to Power Up

00:29:53 The Chicken Wing Dance

00:31:56 My Body, My Choice

00:33:13 Doodle My Friends

00:35:32 Baby Shark’s Retro Party

00:37:01 See You Later, Alligator

00:39:31 Baby Shark Robot

00:41:17 Fully Charged with Water

00:43:36 My Lunch Box

00:45:50 Special Member of My Family

00:48:26 Won’t Be Tricked Again

00:50:30 Baby Shark in Summer Time

00:52:05 Public Space Rangers

00:54:14 Rock Star Baby Shark

00:56:16 Acapella Sharks

00:57:44 Baby Shark

00:59:17 Good Table Manners


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Healthy Habits Compilation | Pinkfong Baby Shark

Pinkfong Visits Doctors Song Is a  Pinkfong Song For Children Sing and learn all about the curious world of science!

You’re watching, “Digestion and more” fun and exciting Science songs compilation presented by Pingfong!

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