JJ’s Treehouse Song

JJ, Cody and the whole CoComelon jj’s TreeHouse Song crew are putting together a picnic in the treehouse! Sing along as they find the best healthy snacks with fruits, veggies and more!

Treehouse Picnic Lyrics

Working together side-by-side

Working together side-by-side

When we all work together

Everything is so much better

Pasta Song Cocomelon

Pasta, pasta, pasta everywhere! Pasta, pasta, pasta you can share! There’s spaghetti, ravioli 

Fettuccine or bowtie! 

Pasta everywhere! 

It’s up to you, which do you like? 

Uhm… Uhmmmmm….?

06:07 Ice Cream Song

08:44 The Muffin Man V2

11:28 Pizza Song

14:24 Jello Color Song

17:58  Pat A Cake V2

20:22 The Lunch Song

23:28 Apples and Bananas V2

27:01 Hot Cross Buns

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