Jello Color Dance Party

Let’s dance with jiggly jello and learn all about colors! Jello Color Dance Party Enjoy over 30 minutes of JJ and all of his friends grooving and dancing with CoComelon dance party!

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00:00 Color Jello Song Lyrics

Colors are so wonderful

Shining bright and beautiful

Red, Orange, Yellow and Blue

With Green and Purple too

Let’s make jiggly jello

With three primary colors

Primary colors?

Yes, Red, Blue and Yellow are primary colors

Because we use them to make all the other colors


Let’s make jiggly jello

With three primary colors

Let’s make yummy jello

Of Red and Blue and Yellow

02:40 The Wheels on the Bus

05:07 Los Pollitos Dicen

07:39 I Love You

10:16 Baa Baa Black Sheep

12:39 London Bridge

15:12 This Old Man

17:34 Duck Hide and Seek

20:01 Belly Button Song

22:25 Skidamarink

24:49 Hop Little Bunnies

27:15 Mister Dinosaur

29:50 Old MacDonald

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