If Dinosaurs Were Still Alive

If Dinosaurs Were Still Alive

Fire! Help me, DINOMAN!

If Brachiosaurus were still alive, 

if Brachiosaurus were still alive, 

I could be a firefighter 

with my long, long neck.

If Brachiosaurus were still alive. 


If Troodon were still alive, 

if Troodon were still alive, 

I could be a smart teacher 

with my brilliant brain. 

If Troodon were still alive. 

Smart teacher!

Don’t cry, baby. Don’t cry. 

Help me, DINOMAN!

If Maiasaura were still alive, 

if Maiasaura were still alive, 

I could be a babysitter 

with my motherly love.

If Maiasaura were still alive. 


Mission complete!

Don’t cry, baby. Don’t cry. 

Help me, DINOMAN!

I could be a babysitter 

with my motherly love.


Mission complete!

Singer: Michael Yantzi, Anipen Matthew Digiacomo, Bommie Catherine Han, Hope Marie Segoine, Charity Wynn Segoine

Arranged by pinkfong, KizCastle

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