Dinosaur Train Theme Song Lyrics

Dinosaur Train Theme Song a to z lyrics

Dinosaur train
Dinosaur train

Once upon a time there was a mom
Her name was Mrs. Pteranadon
Sitting on her nest she heard a scratching and said

Oh boy, my eggs are hatching
One by one her kids popped free
Baby Pteranadons, one two three
“I’ll name you Tiny, Shiny and Don”

But Tiny said “Wait, there’s one more, Mom”
The last little baby was a different size
With teeth, a tail and big green eyes
He didn’t look anything like the rest

“What am I doing in a Pteranodon nest?”
But dear old Mrs. Pteranodon said
“This is your family and I’m your mom
We may be different, but we’re all creatures
All dinosaurs have different features

Come on Buddy, we’ll take a vacation
I’ll get us a ticket at Pteranadon station

We’ll travel the word in sunshine and rain
And meet all the species on the…”

Dinosaur train! (Dinosaur train)
Dinosaur train! (Dinosaur train)
We’re gonna ride (Ride, ride, ride, ride)
The dinosaur train!

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