Celebrate Earth Day with Super Simple Songs

Celebrate Earth Day Song on Youtube

Celebrate Earth Day with Super Simple Songs

0:00 – Intro

0:05 – Let’s Go For A Walk Outside

4:20 – The Rainbow Song

6:51 – Toodly Doodly Doo

10:22 – And The Green Grass Grew

12:52 – I Love The Mountains

14:59 – Here Is The Beehive

16:58 – The Bear Went Over The Mountain

19:15 – Walking In The Forest

23:20 – Mr. Golden Sun

25:34 – Walking In The Jungle

28:59 – The Roly Poly Roll

31:40 – The Farmer In The Dell

33:20 – How’s The Weather

35:10 – Over The Deep Blue Sea

37:18 – A Sailor Went To Sea

40:15 – Star Light, Star Bright

43:35 – Butterfly Ladybug Bumblebee

46:39 – The Bees Go Buzzing

51:15 – Red Yellow Green Blue

53:06 – The Ants Go Marching

56:50 – Little Robin Redbreast

59:05 – Five Little Speckled Frogs

1:01:45 – Five Little Ducks

1:04:16 – The Itsy Bitsy Spider

1:06:20 – Little Snowflake

1:08:32 – Row Row Row Your Boat

Kid Songs to Celebrate Nature | Nursery Rhymes

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