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Apple Song Lyrics

A is for Apple

A is for apple it’s red and its green.

B is for ball and it bounces between.

C is for cat it’s licking its paws.

D is for dog it loves playing with balls.

E is for elephant bigger than me,

F is for fish he’s missing the sea.

G for gorilla he’s big and he’s strong.

H is for home and that’s where I belong.

I is for insect flying around.

J is for jumping jump up and down.

K, kangaroo with her baby on board.

L is for lion hear how he roars.

M is for monkey who plays in the park,

N is for Noah who’s building his ark.

O is for orange it’s juicy and sweet,

P is for penguin. It must be Pete!

Q is for queen look at her crown,

R is for rabbit he’s hopping around.

S is for spider, eight legs and a head,

T is for teddy you take him to bed.

U, umbrella open and closed,

V, violin four strings and a bow.

W’s a walrus with teeth white and hard,

X can be kisses you put on a card.

Y is for yo yo wind it up tight,

Z is for zebra he’s black and he’s white.

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