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Step into the wonderful world of fun with Dave and Ava, the dynamic duo behind the beloved children’s song “Down by the Bay.” In this entertaining show, young audiences are taken to a place where watermelons grow and goats ride in a pickup truck. With playful musical accompaniment and infectious laughter, they will have you singing along in no time. But it’s not just about the music; Dave and Ava invite you to join their vibrant community by subscribing to their channel and downloading their app for endless entertainment. So, come on board, let the fun begin! 🍭🎶.

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Enjoy traditional kids songs and nursery rhymes with your little ones! Kids get ready to enter kindergarten by learning the Alphabet, colors, numbers, parts of the body, shapes, and expanding their vocabulary with Dave and Ava!
Down by the Bay is one of the most exciting kids songs. Learn the lyrics and sing along with us! – Down by the Bay Song And Lyrics For Kids Videos.

Down by the bay,
Where the watermelons grow.
Back to my home,
I dare not go.
For if I do
My mother will say,
“Did you ever see a dog kissing a frog?”
Down by the bay!.

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